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eni i-Ride Top Sint 2T Racing 1 Ltr

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1 Ltr Bottle

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eni i-Ride Top 2t racing is a low smoke, synthetic lubricant for very high-powered two-stroke motorcycles used in street and sport conditions. It is formulated with the best synthetic base stocks and with a specific additives’ package to impart exceptional service performance. The product is suitable for both premix and injection use.

Properties and performance

eni i-Ride Top 2t is formulated with innovative synthetic base stocks which ensures excellent engine performance even at the highest temperatures and guarantees the maximum cleanliness of all engine parts and strong anti wear action.
The product has excellent detergent properties, thus minimizing the formation of sludge and deposits in all parts of the engine and exhaust system and preventing ring sticking.


eni i-Ride Top 2t racing meets the requirements of the following service specifications:


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