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eni i-Ride moto 10W-50 1 Ltr Best for Ducati All Years

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ni i-Ride moto 10W-50 is a high performance multi grade lubricant of top synthetic technology for 4 stroke off- road engines. Thanks to its specific formulation, eni i-Ride moto 10W-50 resists to those high stress conditions which can be found in the off- road usage.

Properties and performance

eni i-Ride moto 10W-50 is fluid enough, when cold and maintain high viscosity, when hot.
Its superior detergent-dispersal properties effectively minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish, as well as other deposits. eni i-Ride moto 10W-50 thus prevents ring sticking, keeps pistons clean and maintains deposits in suspension.
Its anti-wear properties ensure long life for all moving parts, specifically protecting the gears from wear.
eni i-Ride moto 10W-50 ensures the appropriate operation of wet clutches, even in case of highly demanding operating conditions, such as those with frequent engagements and disengagements under torque transmission.


eni i-Ride moto 10W-50 meets the requirements of the following specifications:


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