About Us

Agip Lubricants Australia

About Us

Who We Are

i-Ride Australia was established in 2016 as a strategic trade marketing and distribution partner for Motorcycle oils in Australia.

What We Do

i-Ride Australia is a fully self contained organization focusing on the Distribution, Trade Marketing and Services provision for the Agip brand of lubricants in Australia. We offer consulting services as well as expertise in technical, sales and distribution areas for all motorcycle lubricant based applications. We aim to provide lubricant solutions that ensure the sustainable benefits to our customers.

Our Ultimate Objectives

Agip Lubricants & Specialties provide long-term value by being both the No. 1 supplier of lube base-stocks and the market leader of high-technology and globally recognized synthetic lubricant brands. To help deliver this value, we have an established organization that utilizes efficient comprehensive processes to focus on delivering a reliable supply of products and technical expertise to our customers.


We are capable of delivering products to customers within 24 hours of receiving orders and is committed in ensuring product availability to our customers.


Our dedicated sales and technical staff are always at hand to offer technical support, training and technical analysis for our fleet, lube change center, service station, and workshop customers. Sales for us does not stop with the delivery to our customers.

i-Ride Australia also supports our customers throughout the chain ensuring products are consumed or sold to the customers in superior conditions.


We at i-Ride Australia take pride in the wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over the past 25 years which we have devoted to the distribution of high quality products and services for the automotive industry. Driven by a genuine passion for motorcycles, we are dedicated to bringing you only the best products for your motorcycles. We understand the importance of using only the best performing lubricating oils and antifreeze products in your motorbike, and we know you do too.

We want to expand our horizons and reach a larger base of people who are passionate about the proper maintenance and upkeep of their motorcycles. Going directly to our product users allows them to buy our high quality products at lower prices which provides you with savings and better value for your money.

If you believe that not all engine oils are created equal, then you’ll agree with us that better oils deliver superior results that help your motocycle perform better and last longer.